Media about us

OVERIS is a company with very strong family roots and a quality policy. To meet customer expectations, we strive to achieve our goals through ongoing analysis of customer needs and expectations. This involves adaptation of the fleet and services to the needs and requirements of the European Union, and training of staff in terms of the requirements of European Union standards. We strive to ensure that our customers are convinced that taking care of them is a key element of the Company’s operations.

The maturing awareness of preserving our planet’s environment is a serious challenge for humanity today. Because of that, OVERIS takes care of the environment: each of our vehicles complies with the stringent emission standards EUR05 and EUR06 and undergoes regular maintenance.

The main objective of Overis is to strengthen the company’s current position in the transport services market by providing high-quality services, their safe and timely delivery and the continuous development of the company in an environmentally friendly manner. At the end of last year, we came into possession of Krone vehicles, a leading manufacturer of various types of semi-trailers with a wide range of products. Krone is characterised by practicality, functionality and high user safety. Our last order was for 20 new Krone vehicles, which we are very pleased with, and we plan to buy another 30 in the near future. Krone is a successful brand with many years of experience, well ahead of the competition in the European market.