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We are committed to building long-term partnerships and trust with our subcontractors. We know very well what it is like to take your first steps in transport and how important it is to choose the right business partner to ensure the liquidity of your company. Years of experience and skills allow us to adapt to the most demanding needs. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a carrier just starting out in transport or whether you are a large transport company with many years of experience. As our partner, you receive a guarantee of permanent cooperation, continuity of orders, timely payment and service by experienced employees. What makes us different from others? • We do not operate according to a single scheme. Our individual approach has earned us a reputation as a reliable contractor, • We make every effort to ensure that both parties are ultimately satisfied with the results of our cooperation, • We offer very favourable payment conditions, without discounts, so you don’t lose anything! • Payments within 15-30 days, • We help with fuel card negotiations, • We offer a very favourable rental conditions concerning our mega / standard trailers, • Funding for a new tarpaulin with our branding, • The same rate for all kilometres (empty / loaded) Who are we looking for? If you have a track unit with a standard, mega or refrigerated trailer unit, we are ready to work with you. For carriers with a tractor unit alone, we can offer rental of our trailers.
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    What can we offer you
    Availability 24/ 7
    Guarantee of timely payment
    Flexible working system
    Possibility of renting a trailer
    High mileage
    • High mileage
    • Guaranteed payment
    • Ongoing development
    • Free choice of routes
    • Working in a partnership
    Join us

    - we have our own fleet of over 300 vehicles and provide forwarding services

    - świadczymy usługi transportowe, zarówno dla zleceń FTL jaki i LTL
    - realizujemy projekty logistyczne
    - świadczymy usługi magazynowe
    - zajmujemy się dystrybucją towarów
    - współpracujemy z naszymi partnerami w zakresie usług transportu morskiego, lotniczego

    - nie posiadamy skonta, wychodzimy naprzeciw przewoźnikom i oferujemy krótki termin płatności bez potrącenia % z frachtu

    – we agree on it individually with each subcontractor

    – of course, we offer trailer rental to carriers interested in a long-term partnership with us