International transport.
International transport.

Our company was established in 1993 as a family business. We provide international transport services within 29 countries. As a company with extensive experience, we guarantee execution of every order. The 24-hour availability makes it possible to take orders at any time.

International transport is the main activity of our company. A team of experienced drivers, great specialists for coordinating loads is available in our office. All of these means that the fulfilment of your order is guaranteed. Our fleet consists of several hundred vehicles, which means that we can arrange for the right vehicle at any time. A dedicated transport supervisor will provide information on express transport at any time.

What does the cooperation process look like?

To begin with, we need your enquiry. Contact us using the form or give us a call. Based on our conversation, we will then send you an offer tailored to your requirements. Once confirmed, we will book the vehicle and assign you a dedicated transport supervisor. At your request, we update all information while monitoring your transport. Finally, we complete the necessary documentation.

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    24 hours availability
    Guarantee of order performance
    Reliability is the key! During the cooperation we provide:
    • Efficient use of the car
    • Fuel control
    • 24-hour order monitoring
    • Safe car parks during order fulfilment
    • Position on request
    • Safety of your cargo
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