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Overis is the result of the merger of 4 companies gaining experience in European markets since 2005. The cumulative business experience of our partners has resulted in millions of kilometres travelled (that's more than 3.5 million kilometres per month). The rapid expansion into new markets and subsequent investments have allowed us to expand our fleet to over 300 vehicles, modernize it and add more professionals to our staff. We treat each order individually, ensuring that the goods entrusted to us arrive unhindered, on time and straight to the destination.
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“Anatomia Wieltonu” series (“Wielton’s Anatomy”)

Wielton’s Anatomy has just made an episode about the super-fast XLS semi-trailer, which makes transhipment operations go much more smoothly than standard. Thanks to the use of vertical boards sewn into the tarpaulin, it takes much less time to prepare the trailer for loading or unloading. For drivers, this means lighter work, and for carriers, […]


OVERIS is a company with very strong family roots and a quality policy. To meet customer expectations, we strive to achieve our goals through ongoing analysis of customer needs and expectations. This involves adaptation of the fleet and services to the needs and requirements of the European Union, and training of staff in terms of […]

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